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The Broken Coin
(1915) American
B&W : Serial 22 Episodes / 44 reels
Directed by Francis Ford

Universal Film Manufacturing Company, Inc. Distributed By
Universal Film Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Scenario by Grace Cunard
From a Story by Emerson Hough.

Assistant director
Jack Ford ( John Ford )

by R.E. Irish and Harry McGuire

Twenty-two episodes ( two reels each )

“The Broken Coin,” © 14 June 1914 by Universal Film Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, and released June 21, 1915

Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format.



c c Grace Cunard xxxxxxxxx x xcxxFrancis Ford
b [Kitty Gray] BBBBBvvvBBbbB[Count Fredrick]

Eddie Polo


Harry Schumm [King Michael II]

Ernest Shields [Count Sacchio]

Jack Ford (John Ford) [Sacchio’s accomplice]

William C. Canfield [Gorgas the outlaw]

Reese Gardiner [the Apache]

Doc Crane [pawnbroker]

Harry Mann [servant]

Victor Goss [servant]

Lewis Short [prime minister]

E.J. Uttal or George J. Uttel? [henchman]

Bert Wilson [confidante]

Mina Cunard [the King’s sweetheart]

Carl Laemmle (Sr.) [editor-in-chief]

E.A. Clark, Mark Fenton, Jack Holt, Burton C. Law, Norman

Donald, William White


cast of characters


Survival Status: The film is presumed lost

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The Broken Coin was released June 21, 1915 for a run of 15 episodes / 30 reels but an additional 7 episodes were released October 3, 1915 because of the popularity of the serial.

[1] The Broken Coin [2] The Satan of the Sands [3] When the Throne Rocked [4] The Face at the Window [5] The Underground Foe [6] A Startling Discovery [7] Between Two Fires [8] The Prison in the Palace [9] Room 22 [10] Cornered [11] The Clash of Arms [12] A Cry in the Dark [13] War
On the Battlefield [15] The Deluge

Additional Episodes Released

[16] Kitty in Danger - released 3 October 1915 [17] The Castaways [18] The Underground City [19] The Sacred Fire [20] Between Two Fires [21] A Timely Rescue
An American Queen.



The Vaudette Theatre
Birmingham, Alabama July 1915



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