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Wentz Art Stamps



The Wentz printing company with plants in New york and Germany was the leading manufacturer in printing movie poster stamps for the major studios. Wentz Art Stamps were printed for Universal Film Manufacturing Company as well as many other studios of the period. The first documented advertisement for Wentz movie studio produced poster stamps was in the October 1914 issue of Motion Picture Magazine. The first trade advertisement for the stamps was in the February 1915 issue of Universal Weekly.
  Universal sold the stamps and stamp albums through theatre exchanges to theatre operators who in turn offered them for sale at their concession stands as souvenirs to theatergoers. This provided an additional revenue stream for the box office as well as the studio. The first stamp series was printed by Wentz for the Universal serial ‘The Master Key” (1914) and that success was followed with a series of stamps for the Universal serial “The Black Box”(1915).  When the fifth Universal serial “ The Broken Coin” was released in June of 1915 the Wentz poster stamp sales were at their peak. Universal also sold Wentz movie poster stamps to movie fans through magazine advertisements in several Movie magazines of the period. The popularity of movie poster stamps died out shortly after this run of serials and then reappeared for a short time again in the 1930’s. When we look back at the history of movies now lost to time the only remaining images are those left by the Wentz poster stamps and the rare movie posters that have survived.



Wentz Stamp Broken Coin Episode Image Gallery








The Wentz stamps were printed for the original 15 episodes of The Broken Coin. Because of the popularity of this Universal serial, 7 more episodes were released October 3, 1915. Stamps were not printed for the additional episodes.




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